Group & Holding Considerations

Lets talk about your Group and Holding point of view. What makes you strong to keep up with different interconnected businesses you run? The core values and principles shared among the Group members? The common approach to dealing with the issues? Good.

So, lets see where is the maximum value of the FURIA solution in that complex world.

Your Holding company is roof of the house. Your valuable Group Members each have its own specifics, but lots of thing in common, or at least you would like to be that way.

Now, having in mind previous chapters imagine situation where you have successfully implemented FURIA solution currently in 11 out of 15 Group Members, for variety of processes:

  • 8 Group Members use FURIA only for management of follow-up process on Internal and External Audits.
  • 5 Group Members are using FURIA to handle Compliance issues as well as for Audits.
  • 3 Group Members are mid-size companies with significant number of units, where you selected FURIA to be used for efficient handling of Executive Management Decisions.
  • 11 Group Members use FURIA for handling Security Issues.
  • 2 Group Members are included in the pilot project where FURIA should provide interface to interact with the software for Operational Risk Management.
  • 2 Group Members are located in South Africa, accessing cloud-hosted FURIA instance via expensive internet link, just for Compliance since they are still start-ups.
  • 4 Group Members are small-size companies that do not use FURIA.

Lets assume that 7 Group Members have its own in-house small-size FURIA server, not available from the Internet. Another 4 Group Members have its own FURIA server which can be reached over Internet via secure encrypted VPN but only for the members of the Executive Board, while other managers access it via local network. Also, there are 2 small instances of cloud-hosted FURIA instances. That’s it for now.

First, after some time you concluded that you and your top management circle are very satisfied with the output generated from the FURIA systems, but also realized that you have problem with managing number of FURIA instances, especially these which are not available over Internet.

Secondly, you also have difficulties to handle so much different reports coming from different environments – simply, it takes much more of precious time if you want to check back each of them.

Third thing, although maintenance is not a big deal for most of individual instances, pop up the question of the hardware and software engaged for all of them. The TCO at Group level.

Now, consider concentration of your FURIA instances as an valuable option.

There are again several options open. To concentrate them on single server as individual instances, at your best data center with replication to another server within the same country? To consolidate them and move all into cloud-hosted FURIA, together with enabled Geo-redundancy option? And then, even they are on the ONE server, these FURIA instances do not communicate to each other, so data is again widespread making your problem with accessing numerous instances unsolved.

How about concentration on ONE single FURIA instance, consolidation of all the data into ONE database, apply as much Hierarchies as necessary to keep the processes running, but enable whole new system with outstanding functionality of cross-reporting on Group level? No problem.

(a) Technically speaking, one or 100 companies in single DB, doesn’t make much difference for the functioning of the system. FURIA is light-weight system which can sustain hundreds, thousands of concurrent connections and much more reporting requests.

(b) FURIA licensing model is fully flexible, since there no individual “enterprise” or “standard” licensing that you pay once and suffer rest the time. You are using software licensing rental, so you can at any time change the model that best suites your needs.

So, is there any catch? None.

Rearrange your licensing policy according to your final plan for consolidation, and engage your IT team with FURIA Support Team to make arrangements on FURIA systems merging. Choose your in-house or cloud-hosted server (or the combination of them) as the final destination, make necessary preparations, testing – and you are good to go!

Now, consider the fact that you have centralized all of your FURIA instances. What more you can get from that? One single ultimate management engine, widespread on all of your Group Members now “talking” to each other. Now, systems is available for access locally and from the Internet (Secure Access), for every Group Member, with 99.99% HA, 24×7 support and Geo-redundancy, at lowest possible costs of maintenance.

But, there is more. Consider merged database and capabilities of cross-reporting among all of your Group Members – that is, by our opinion, ultimate goal, worth every penny. Now you have all the modules available for all of your Group Members. Now you have centralized control over ALL TYPES of issues that you manage within FURIA. Now you have opportunity to push some new things, e.g. implementation of ISO 27001, in all of your Group Members but you have one central control over that simultaneous processes, all the knowledge within one roof.

The rest, if any left, it is up you to imagine 🙂 Have a nice day!